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Presentation Coaching

Are you looking for tools to maintain an engaging presence and to captivate the attention of your listeners?

What if you could ensure that when someone hears you pick up the phone, they hear a clear, resonant, and balanced voice which reflects YOU as an empowered, engaging, and interesting individual?

I work with corporate clients to capitalize on their strengths and clarify the fullness of their message. The sound of your voice and your physical presence in the room have a profound effect on your message. Optimizing the integration of the body, breath, and voice helps to release tensions which might be obstructive or distracting, builds confidence, allows words to carry greater nuance and specificity, and draws listeners closer to your desired communication.

You can hover over "Coaching Descriptions" listed below to read about some of the learning outcomes clients have requested in the past. Sometimes these outcomes can feel abstract or nebulous, but let me assure you that our work together will be remarkably tangible. If you would like to learn more or would like to discuss your goals in a more diagnostic way, please feel free to contact me before booking a session. 

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Ann Marie

I am a voice practitioner based in Lincoln, Nebraska where I hold a Professorship at UNL. I've taught at Universities and Conservatories in Cincinnati, London, Chicago, and Texas (CCM, RADA, Royal Welsh, North Central). I lead workshops and training sessions for voice professionals of all kinds including lawyers, teachers, physical therapists, actors, and singers.

I received an MFA from the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama in London as well as Bachelor of Music and Master of Music degrees in vocal performance. 

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