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I am a voice and movement coach based in Lincoln, Nebraska. I moved to Lincoln in 2018 to serve as the Resident Voice, Text, and Dialect Coach for the Nebraska Repertory Theatre and as an Assistant Professor of Practice in Voice, Movement, and Acting at the Johnny Carson School of Theatre and Film at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. I love working with private clients both in-person and online to support them in finding the fullest potential of their voice and to feel more fully themselves when moving, gesturing, speaking, and singing. Private sessions can support you in feeling more comfortable with your human instrument, speaking in public, nailing your next job, taking on more leadership responsibilities, getting an acting gig, or singing your dream role. 


My movement coaching includes breathwork and voice work to support physical therapy clients in regulating internal pressure, finding stability, ease, mobility, and freedom in their movement. My yoga teaching integrates the inspirations and expressions of the mind, body, and voice to move through the human instrument in harmony. 

I am a Designated Linklater Instructor and studied classical singing with W. Stephen Smith. I hold a a Master of Music in Vocal Performance and a Master of Fine Arts in Voice Studies, and enjoy exploring the spectrum between speech and song, supporting lawyers, teachers, and performers in fully realizing their vocal potential. 

I would love to share more with you, click through to the Booking page to connect. 

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