I started as an Shakespeare-loving acrobat turned dancer for the stage -> which lead me to choreography and directing and tap dancing --> which lead to musicals and singing, oh singing! I trained as a classical singer and then delved into the world of voice for the stage. Every discipline calls me back to words, to movement, to the human experience. The integration of different media within the theatre - the desire to be where they all merge, that's what makes me an actor. 

Some of the roles featured in the gallery:

Perdita in The Winter's Tale. A glorious summer spent in a park in Illinois.


Maria in The Sound of Music at an amphitheater in West Texas. 

Joanna in Christopher Bond's version of Sweeney Todd in Virginia.

Lizzie in The Rainmaker on Chicago's southside.

Catherine in Proof on Chicago's northside. 

Eliza Doolittle in My Fair Lady in West Texas.

One half of a dueling piano pair's "Side by Side Cabaret" performances in Chicago. 

Voice Over Commerical Demo - Ann Marie Pollard
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