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I can help you feel better in your body.


Sometimes that calls for yoga asana.

Sometimes that calls for organic, flowing dance-like movements or what Trish Arnold called "swings."


My movement training began with competitive gymnastics, continued into musical theatre dance, and then transformed into a holistic, blended approach to help you find inner space while interacting with your surroundings with ease. 

I teach Hatha yoga (with a strong Iyengar influence). Ha + tha yoga is all about balance. I call upon Alexander Technique principles to find ease and efficiency and Mindbody Mapping to shift the internal image of your own physicality.  

My movement coaching is clear and precise, with a desire for clients to build a deep understanding of their own anatomy, without losing sight of the objectives: to find inner space, to heal trauma, to increase a sense of easeful presence, and to become more comfortable in your own skin.

Yoga & Movement Coaching

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