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BeSPOKE Services:


Whether you're...


                ... a singer preparing for an audition...   


                        ... an actor looking for some vocal rehab... 

   ... a businessperson looking to increase your vocal confidence and your presentation skills...

                         ... an administrator looking to communicate with more ease and more clarity...       

              ...we will work together to tailor private sessions to your needs. Click "Book a Session" to schedule a free consultation. I'm excited to hear from you!

Areas of Realization


Ann Marie

I am a voice, speech, and dialect coach based in Lincoln, Nebraska where I hold a Professorship at UNL.

In recent years I've taught in Universities and Conservatories in Cincinnati, London, Chicago, and Texas (CCM, RADA, Royal Welsh, North Central) and have happily lived all over the world. 

Read more HERE. 

Questions? Click the button below and book an initial consultation for a phone call. 

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